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A guide to your Health Plan Benefits: Summary Plan Description (Health Plan Booklet).

Changes to your plan since the last printed Summary Plan Description.

Amendment Date Amendment Participation
Amendment Date06/01/2019Amendment SMM - Telemedicine Provider Change Effective June 1, 2019ParticipationActive Participants and Non-Medicare Retirees
Amendment Date01/01/19Amendment SMM - Notice of New Pharmacy Benefit Manager and New Administrator - Effective January 1,2019ParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date03/01/2018Amendment SMM - Hour Bank Freeze Forfeiture ParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date02/01/2017Amendment SMM - Notice of Plan ChangesParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date01/01/2016Amendment SMM - Changes to Benefits and Retiree and Disability Self-Pay RatesParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date08/01/2015Amendment SMM - Autism and Habilitative Care CoverageParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date06/01/2015Amendment SMM - Dialysis Benefit for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)ParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date04/01/2014Amendment SMM - Medical PPO Network Change - Precertification Vendor ChangeParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date01/01/2013Amendment SMM - Notice of Plan Changes Effective January 1, 2013ParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date03/15/2011Amendment SMM - Eligibility and Benefit Changes to Your Health Care PlanParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date02/04/2010Amendment SMM - Changes to Routine Physical Examination BenefitParticipationAll Participants
Amendment Date01/01/2010Amendment SMM - Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity ActParticipationAll Participants